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Will not eating bread candy and sweets and pasta make me lose a lot of weight? I'm 177.5 5 feet 2 inches and wanna lose 40 pounds?

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  • BIll
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    4 years ago
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    Yes. The current marketing program is focused on healthy lifestyle; run by the FDA through Healthy People 2010/2020. What they did in the 80s was market low fat which by default, was high carb. That's how we got overly carby and keep getting fatter as a planet. We finally just reached 51% worldwide obesity. There are now officially more obese people then normal weight people.

    There are three things you can eat. They are not metals, they are not plastics, they are not noble gases. What mammals can eat are carbs, proteins and fats. Carbs are massive rocket fuel tanks made for giving us energy to burn. You eat some nuts off a tree and have fuel to catch your bison. which repairs the muscle work you did while hunting.

    If you're just pumping rocket fuel into your gut and not doing anything, it spills over, i.e fat.

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