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Can I get my dad arrested for not caring that the neighbor hit me?

my neighbor stares at me whenever I walk passed his house. Hes always in his front yard doing stuff.

So today I said to him to stop looking at me. It's not the first time I've had to tell him.

And he said he'll look at whoever he wants. And said he wishes my family was still on vacation cuz they all had a great time while I was away. That annoyed me cuz I don't even do lots of bad stuff on my street. So I went into his front yard with my dogs (I was walking them) and told them to poop. They know what poop means. You just say it and they usually do it.

Now they didn't poop!! I think they knew they weren't suppose to do it there. But this neighbor go crazy. I thought he was gonna attack my dogs so I let go of their leashes and I just stayed where I was stood.

The neighbor pulled my arm and sorta yanked me back and forward a couple times and I fell into his gate and he slapped me.

The fcking neighbor slapped me!

I ran off and toad my dad and he said I deserved it. He wouldn't go out and hit the neighbor for me. He said I should learn something from this. He's let a stranger abuse his kid and don't care.

He even toad my uncle he's glad the neighbor hit me cuz now he's can use that next time the neighbor complain or threatens to call the police. He should call the cops now. I toad him to and he said go to your room u little sh-t. Wtf. I was attacked by an adult!

Can I get my dad and the neighbor arrested for child abuse


Also one of my dogs was barking at him when he was pushing me into the gate. And he said if that dog bites him he's gonna have him put down

Update 2:

And my pomeranian is still missing. As soon as I dropped the leash he ran off someplace.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Thursday- still not posts. Are you okay?

    Wednesday- No posts. Thinking you are on break or celebrating your birthday. Again, happy birthday.

    Sunday- did your dog come home safe and sound? I have been worrying about him. I forgot to tell you to tell your mother she needs to buy some more picture frames so the one of you and your brother gets back in the display.

    Franky, here is the perspective of your Dad and Judge Judy. You trespassed on this guy's property when you took the dogs there to poop. The man reacted by assaulting you. Hey, in America you could have been shot.

    You were in the wrong first by going on his property. You also had the dogs off leash. That is why he can not call the police now.

    He is most likely in his rights to put your dog down if he gets bitten. He doesn't know the dogs you have are all bark and no bite. They are like the two mastiffs across the street that I told to stop barking yesterday or they will wake the cats. He could have called the dog catchers on your Pomeranian so if it isn't home call them before it is adopted or put down.

    Franky, this guy most likely has nothing better to do than mess around the yard puttering. It is a way for him to keep busy. My Dad was like him. He views your family like the judge or the neighbor whose house was always getting hit by golf balls hit by Gomez in Addams Family movie. ( I just watched it )

    Ignore him or do a Dennis the Menace " Good morning, Mr. Wilson" thing. He has the problem with you. He knows how to get a reaction out of you. Don't give him that power.

  • Tom
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Although there is absolutely no cause for this adult to hit you, I'm going to assume there's a lot more to this story than you're telling us. From your own words, it's clear that you are a sh*t disturber and that you're going out looking for trouble. Granted, that STILL does not condone what he did, but you would do well to learn that if you go looking for trouble - you may find it. If what you say happened actually happened - you can contact the police yourself. Your dad doesn't need to do that for you.

  • 5 years ago

    you can try but the one you could get arrested is your neighbor

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