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Whats more dangerous underwater or space?

I think underwater is more dangerous than space

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    For space you have,

    1.very low pressure

    2.extremely cold

    3.no breathable oxygen


    For deep water you have,

    1.very high pressure

    2.very cold

    3.no breathable oxygen

    4.maybe some deep sea predators.

    Both have 4 main dangers.

    In space you would explode while in deep water you would implode.

    In space you would freeze instantly while in deep water you would slowly get colder but not freeze.

    In space you would suffocate from lack of oxygen while in deep water you would also suffocate from lack of oxygen.

    In space you would die from radiation from the sun while in deep water you might get killed by a deep sea creature (as there are many deep sea creatures that have not yet been found, that could have deadly venom and poisons etc).

    Space would probably be the most dangerous because you would instantly die from the cold but slowly die from the cold in deep water, and you would definitely die from radiation in space compered to taking your chances with dangerous creatures that may or may not exist in deep water.

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    I believe space is more dangerous. Going to space is a very delicate task that requires a lot of different and complex machines. Any failure in the devices could be fatal. Besides, the underwater world is far more explored than space, therefore, you practically dont know what is going to happen.

  • 4 years ago

    I don't believe anyone has died in space yet.

  • Archer
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    4 years ago

    You have a much greater chance of experiencing one than the other dumb ***!

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