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Is there sales tax in Italy and, if so, how much is it?

I will be in Rome in mid March.

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    Look Italy has tax called IVA, it is 20% (I KNOW %@#$) they include it in the price, on top of that like another answerer said they sometimes try to tack on an extra 3%, so 23%. look you dont notice it in the prices since its already included, however if you are a tourist and make a major purchase, like an Armani or Valentino suit ask for tax deferrment, meaning you will not have to pay taxes on that product since you are not an Italian resident. If a major clothes retailer refuses, go somewhere else, many of the high end big ticket purchases can be paid for tax free. Rome has tons of the same shops, some offer it, some dont, just ask. Remember Rome has 5 million people, there will be other Armani stores. I wouldnt waste my time on anything less then 200 Euro though.

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  • Italy has a tax called ‘Imposta sul valore Aggiunto’, or ‘IVA’. This is a variation on pan-European Value Added Tax. The standard rate is 23% although reduced rates apply to some supplies. It is strictly enforced with a special police force, the Guardia di Finanza, existing to deal with tax fraud and smuggling.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes it's called IVA and adds 22% of the price, but in south Italy anyone pay taxes, so you won't see it frequently!:)

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