How many homophobes are happy over the fact that Bruce Springsteen has CANCELED his concert in NC over the "Bathroom "Bill?"?

My wife and I HAD tickets to his show in Charlotte, NC Sunday. With a hotel room booked as well. I have wanted to see him my whole life....

"Bruce Springsteen has canceled his show scheduled for Sunday in North Carolina as a show of "solidarity" with the people and businesses protesting the state's recently passed HB2 law, which requires that transgender people only use bathrooms that correspond with their sex at birth." Why oh why does NC have to be so homophobic, bigoted, prejudiced, and backwards?? Are all of you that hate the LGBT especially the transgenders overjoyed at this? At his fans disappointment over his cancellation because YOU people are prejudiced??

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    Great move by the Boss.

    Hopefully the people of North Carolina vote the bums out that are currently in office.


  • Jeremy
    Lv 5
    5 years ago

    That sucks Jennifer I'm sorry. But look on the bright least you don't have to watch Bruce Springsteen now.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    ***raises hand**^

    Me me me me me!!!

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