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What country has the world's strongest military?

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    The question was not the "largest"... the asker's question was "strongest".

    By this I can only assume they mean "most devastating in its capability" or "most effective when engaged" and that they do not mean "the military that can lift the most weight".

    Answer: The United States of America has the 'strongest' military. Here's why:

    - Firepower: The U.S. possseses and controls the largest amount of destructive explosives on the planet. Bullets, dynamite, gunpowder, C-4, fuel bombs, napalm and nuclear, just to name a few types.

    - Weapons delivery: The U.S. has the most accurate, well maintained, highe-tech, widely deployed and well-run firepower delivery system on Earth. Gun barrel accuracy, naval, air, land delivery systems - all highly maintained to very stringent standards.

    - Intelligence: Despite all the joke we could make about this word and the military, the fact remains that no country has the technical and human intelligence and intelligence processing capabilities as the U.S. The NSA alone has a budget bigger than India's gross national product in 2004. Satellites, command and control, phone, internet, private internets, video communications, data encrpyion, data de-cryption, diversified Human spy assets, global corporate data, data mining, etc., etc., etc.

    - Money: no military in the world is as well funded, consistently well funded, as the U.S. Military is.

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    USA for now. Any more democrats get in power it might be China or Russia soon. If Russia and China ever team up, we would have a challenge but we'd still be more powerful for now. Give it a decade and if we get more democrats, those two could be stronger than the US combined or even by themselves. Under democrats there has been a cut of about 1/3 in the defense budget since Obama first got elected. This by one 2 term democrat and yet democrats still always manage to rack up so much debt.

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    USA followed by Russia, China, India, UK, France.

  • The US but Russia and China are pretty close

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