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why do people follow bruce lee as a leader? and How does he motivate his followers?

Im doing a speech on bruce lee and those 2 questions need to be answered, 10 points to the best answer. Thanks!

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    Bruce Lee: Born in the Year of the Dragon, at the Hour of the Dragon, which was considered to be a fortuitous omen. His innate ability and "never back down" philosophy to fighting made him a Martial Artist to be emulated. There are two documentaries that every Martial Artist, let alone anyone reporting on Master Lee, should view. They are "The Greatest Martial Artist: Bruce Lee" and "Bruce Lee: A Warriors Journey".

    These two films will better answer your questions than anything I could write here, simply because there is not enough time, or space on the page, to do so.

    In my opinion, Master Lee's attraction as a teacher (leader) and his ability to motivate others in the Martial Way goes to the spiritual aspect of Martial Arts at it's core. To listen to him speak the philosophy of his beliefs on martial concepts is captivating and inspiring to any who deem themselves Martial Artists. His perceptions of the union of the physical and spiritual go beyond anything before or since. He presented his views with absolute belief in everything he thought. He challenged every traditional concept of martial training and was willing to accept any challenge to his opinion, views, and skills as a Martial Artist. At the beginning of his movie work in Hong Kong, he approached Run Run Shaw a Chinese movie mogul and purported Chinese mobster. Shaw offered him a standard entry level deal like anyone else who wanted to do movies in his venue. Master Lee was reported as refusing Shaw's offer and saying, "You don't know who I am do you? I'm Bruce Lee." Understanding Chinese culture, this would have been a great insult to Shaw. It is also rumored that at that time Shaw put out a standing contract offer to anyone who could beat Bruce Lee. The offer is said to have been inclusive of a $5000 bounty and a 10 year movie deal. No one ever collected that bounty. It has been rumored that Shaw had Master Lee poisoned (unproven), to enact retribution for the insult in Hong Kong, because no one could physically defeat Master Lee. It is also rumored (unproven) that Shaw set up the death of Brandon Lee to prevent him (Master Lee's oldest child and only son) from seeking vengeance for his father's murder.

    Master Lee's pure ability to back everything he presented in the martial training world gave him unprecedented clout as a teacher. He accepted all challenges, and even though not all the confrontations ended in the time frame he thought they should have, no one who challenged him defeated him. Martial Artists follow Master Lee to this day because of the proof he offered on the Martial Way through his ability and mind set. He is the iconic Martial Artist in combat that all others strive to be. While he was rumored have some questionable behaviors (known to drink, had always had a ferocious temper, and thought to have attractions to women who were not Linda) his paramount position as The Greatest Martial Artist has never been in question. Even the best living Martial Artists, including Jackie Chan and Jet Li, give credit and due respect to Master Lee and all that he accomplished and brought together in the martial world.

    Having been alive during the time of Master Lee's developing legacy, to have watched Ed Parker's martial arts tournament (the first ever) even as a pre-recorded presentation when I was 5, and to have seen Master Lee's unparalleled demonstrations of ability forged Martial Arts into my life forever.

    I was born in 1961, my father first initiated my martial training when I was 6 (primarily because I wouldn't shut up about Bruce Lee), and I have been actively involved in the Martial Way ever since.

    I hope this will help you find your answers.

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    You do know he's dead, right? He's no longer followed, although, he is still revered.

    You ought to read his books to get an understanding of who he is. Anyone here can give you answers to these questions, but you won't have enough to make a speech about him. And anyway, if you are asked about anything other than people following him and how he motivates, you will not be taken seriously.

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    ABT is gay. They gave Bruce Lee a funeral and so did TNP San Lorenzo.

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