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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingNewborn & Baby · 4 years ago

Did anyone use these kinds of Bottles for their babies?

They have really good reviews, but just curious if anyone who used them liked them or had issues with them or anything you can tell me about them.

Did you have to go through a few kinds of bottles before you found what worked or did they accept the first one you tried?

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  • 4 years ago
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    The avent bottles are amazing. My one year old still uses the brand for his sippy cups. I tried him one a couple before I found this one and I loved it. It helped a lot. & also my son had very bad gas because he was too much air with the other bottles. This bottle definitely reduced the amount of air intake and never had gas problems again.

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  • 4 years ago

    Bottles are bottles, really. But it really depends on a few things:

    1) if you are using a breast pump, you want to make sure you're using a bottle that your pump connects to securely so that you can pump directly into the bottle without issues. You don't always have to use the same brand as your pump, but do make sure that the bottle is the correct size.

    2) If your child has reflux or is exceptionally gassy, certain bottles are better designed to prevent excess air from being sucked in. Dr. Brown's bottles are great for this purpose as well.

    3) If your baby is normal and has no issues, I would suggest just getting the most basic bottle and adjusting from there. The more qualities you want in your bottle, the higher the price tag. And if your child has no gassiness issues, there's no need to sink a bunch of cash into a stash of expensive bottles.

    Regardless of the brand you buy, I would say skip the tiny little 2 and 4 ounce bottles and go straight for the 6 and 8 ounce ones. Most children that use a bottle are up to 6 ounces in each bottle by the time they wean, sometimes more. It makes zero sense to spend a bunch of money on a huge collection of 4 ounce bottles if you're just going to have to go right back out again 5 months after you just bought bottles and buy bigger ones. Just save the money and buy a bunch of larger ones. The only reason the smaller bottles exist is because putting 2 and 3 ounces in large 8 ounce bottles makes parents think that they aren't feeding Baby enough. But if you put the same amount of liquid into a bottle designed to fit 4 ounces, suddenly it looks like your child is getting a full meal. Its an optical illusion. Just buy the larger bottles and keep reminding yourself that your child is getting enough.

  • Faith
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    Find them on Amazon. I trust most reviews on there.

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