Bernie Sanders correctly certified that Hillary Clinton is UNFIT for President, will Bernie supporters go to TRUMP after Clinton nomination?

I realized back in 1994 at age 27, that both Clintons were unfit, after learning that Bill Clinton was beating the crap out of women in motel rooms.

I became suspicious after Clintons ordered the torching of a farm house near Waco Texas where 12 children were burned alive on April 19, 1993.

12 children died in the fire and no one has been prosecuted for their murders.

Sound familiar......

I am sick of this bittch, this crap should have been prosecuted decades ago


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    4 years ago
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    Of course, not. I wish,,. but I see your point. If I was a Democrat and have to choose those two, I would be choosing Bernie. I'm so weary of power and money hungry politicians who flip-flop according to the current s/he's in.. I felt deep indignation when the families of Benghazi terrorism victims all claim they were told that the offensive 'video' about Islamic prophet cause the death of the victims, but Hillary publicly said "I didn't said it. Somebody is lying, and it isn't me." I'm totally disgusted by her email scandal, too.

    When I put "Hillary Clinton Corruption" on the search engine on google, it brought up the video below. Now Bill Clinton's crimes you mentioned and much much more are totally believable to me. When he was a president, I didn't doubt he made small mistakes as a human, and was in need of forgiveness as he seemed very regretful. Judging by the series of Hillary's heartless actions and absolute absence of her remorse now makes me assume she knew much of Bill's crimes and she's seeking to be the POTUS to satisfy her ambition for power, not to contribute for a chance of people's better lives as she claims in her campaign. I even fear that she could sell our country to Islamists b/c she received much money from them into her Foundation, and Islamists are good at taking advantage of those power/money hungry politicians: They can have her believe she will be given highest honor as a woman in Islamic society and praise her name all over the world, if she gives America to them (= let more Islamic laws to rule here) .., hmm I think she will want that, and she will take it in exchange of the country. In my opinion, allowing a power/money hungry person like her to take the highest Office is too dangerous.

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    Source(s): Benghazi Victim's Sister Shocked by Bill Clinton's Comments:
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    1. he is some 210 pledged delegates behind hillary. With only 1660 pledged delegates remaining, he has to win and needs to win 13% more than hillary of every single remaining primary just to catch up, and that is near impossible based on his last loss record of past primaries to hillary.

    2. he is some 440 superdelegates behind hillary, and needs to win additional % of every single remaining primary for the superdelegate deficit

    3. the dem superdelegates dont like him, and will not switch from hillary to him, and they will be nails to his coffin

    4. the democratic party proportional rules of each primary mean he gets few additional delegates even if he wins a primary but hillary will get her delegate share.

    5. the upcoming primaries after wyoming will favor hillary with more no-whites and closed primaries, and every hillary's win means extra effort for bernie to make up the delegate deficit. Polls show that hillary will win in many big states starting from new york.

    6. he is a socialist that joined democratic party for donors list and ballot access

    7. he is a jew who hates israel

    8. he is 75 yrs old with health problems, with multiple marriages, appearing senile at times, and may die while being a president

    9. he has no clue how to implement his proposals, and failed to answer many questions he had talked about over a year, in one new interview in new york recently.

    10. his socialist proposals will not get the support of the republican and democrat congress and senate.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Only if they really hate themselves and want to stunt any form of progress for their cause.

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