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What's a good inexpensive summer cologne?

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    Default Top 5 Inexplicably Cheap yet Good Fragrances for Men

    I have been a frag head for over 2 decades and as such, I have come to understand certain truths about fragrance. One truth is that price and value are not always directly proportional. Over the years, I have discovered and encountered several jus that were ridiculously cheap yet beautiful. By beautiful I mean a fragrance that is what it is supposed to be: a wonderful aroma that intrigues, evoking feelings of delight and well being, encased in a bottle that is as nice to behold as it is to hold.

    Here are my top 5:

    1. Mr. Blass by Bill Blass

    Launched in 2009, Mr. Blass is a transparent combination of all things late 70's and early 80's. It comes across as a cologne strength or "legere" or "fraicheur" version of many well loved frags, lovingly dubbed Powerhouse scents here on BN. What you get is all the wonder of a powerhouse without losing any nose hairs while preserving the air quality of those around you. As of this writing, there are 9 reviews spanning 3 years, all thumbs up and all singing the praises of Mr. Blass; yet you can have this for less than $4 an ounce with shipping within the US included. That, is dirt cheap for this beauty.

    2. Blue Jeans by Versace

    The Versace Jeans line featured Blue, Baby Blue, Green, Black and Metal jeans for men. They were all quirky and very Italian: loud, but pleasantly so. They all became bargain basement for several years, following the death of Gianni. However, the others have started to climb steadily, leaving Blue and Baby Blue behind in the world of less than $5 an ounce. Blue is my favorite here, an oriental gourmand (sweetened grapefruit head and gooey cinnamon and vanilla heart) that has yet been bested by a mainstream designer. You simply can't beat the masculine warmth VBJ brings on a cold winter day, not to mention the ladies will not leave you alone. Caution: It is VERY strong, 2 sprays max is my prescription.

    3. R by Revillon

    This is one of those fragrances that, though uncomplicated and simple, conveys a natural aura of clean masculinity. If I wanted a house spray that did not smell like cologne/perfume, this fits like a snug glove. It smells like cardboard to me, the packaging variety that I used to sniff as a child. It works very well for an everyday office scent that is guaranteed to not offend. At $3 an ounce for a pour bottle of EdT, this is a bargain not to be missed. It's the cure for the too much cologne/perfume blues.

    4. Z-14 and 1-12 by Halston

    These are cheapies, probably the cheapest here, but considering the awful mess being launched today, it is hard to pass up the Halston brothers. They are similar, launched at the same time and sharing a lot of the same ingredients. I consider these skin scents, because of their musky nature and how close to the skin they lie. They are the non-abrasive darlings of the powerhouse era, and can still be rocked today. I always get positive comments when I wear these. Less than $4 an ounce.

    5. Iceberg Homme by Iceberg

    Icerberg as a fragrance house pretty much gets little to no respect, yet there are gems in their collection. Mt personal favorite is Icerberg Hommme. This is a fresh pepper scent; lots and lots of pepper yet it is fresh and a touch sweet. The jus is lux as well as energetic, with just a hint of an animalic note to keep you sniffing. I have sampled some others from Iceberg, most notably Twice, a masculine synthetic oriental for the serious faced man. There are several other offerings from Iceberg that are dirt cheap ($4 or less an ounce) and though I have not tried them all, I am intrigued.

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