Can you get banned for picking up money on GTA V?

I was in online session and I asked "what is the best way to make money?". The player tp-ed to me and started to drop money bags. I ofcorse did not try to run away and started collecting money. I got around 3.3 mill. He also said that, if I put money on my bank account I will be banned. Is Rockstar going to ban me and is there any way to contact rockstar support, if you get banned.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Based on the Rockstar Support Article ( ), the in-game systems will likely flag your account for additional review with a sudden increase in your funds w/o a viable means to generate it (ie, you're not doing any in-game activity like a heist). In the manual review, they'll see where the money came from (as the in-game systems will likely flag the cheater for a sudden decrease in their funds... as well as a few other things) & some other in-game stuff (like chat logs & whatnot) to determine if you were actually cheating or not.

    Reporting the activities of the person in question (taking the "victim" angle) is probably the better route. If you've actively cheating you will either get thrown into the "Cheater's Pool" or banned. Based your in-game question, you're looking for a legit option. As for the question about putting into your bank or not... I say go ahead, since Rockstar will remove those funds from your account in the following order:

    * Your Account's Bank Account (funds obtained from Shark Cards typically remain untouched, as there's records)

    * Your Inactive Character's Wallets

    * Your Active Character's Wallet

    Leaving the cash in your wallet will result in your bank account & your inactive character's wallets to go dry first when Rockstar re-balances your finances. Just play the game as you normally would & protect the cash you don't want to be stolen. I would act as if the ill-gotten funds in your bank account never existed, so when the re-balance goes into effect, you don't dip into the red (although Rockstar will likely forgive a few transactions, assuming you had the majority (like 95%) of the funds to cover the purchase).

    Beyond that, just go about your business as usual.

  • 5 years ago

    I believe that you can be banned for collecting money from modders, though it is as he says; as long as you don't put it in your bank you won't be caught.


    Just spend it all before leaving the lobby.

    If you are caught, I suppose you could claim you thought it was legitimate.

    They may actually believe you.

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