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I'm scared of having my gullbladder surgery?

Ok this Friday I'm having the surgery I really wanted the E.K.G to check my heart out

The last check up that I had in the past from a different doctor said I have a blockage near my heart or chest I forgot where it is but I know is near my heart or chest.

They don't know if they going to those small hoes or open me up to take it out they not sure yet until they do the surgery cause I had a past surgery when I was a baby I couldn't hold my food down and I keep on throwing it back out

So do I demand a E.K.G or is ok not too

Get it :( I'm scared I didn't have surgery since I was a baby

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  • 4 years ago
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    Call your doctor and tell them all of this.

    they can give you something to calm you down, and help you get through this without being so upset. Gallbladder surgery is serious, but it's more serious if you don't have it done.

    Your surgeon's nurse should have been dealing with this, but surgeon's can sometimes be more proficient with their technical abilities than their bedside manner - which is good, because you want them to be technically good- but go speak to your regular doc,and ask for some help dealing with the fear, and help getting an explanation so you understand the procedure. You deserve that. DON'T get your information from the internet- it may not be right.

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