When(please give dates and the name) was the last real war that America won?

I was just wondering because I have heard that our military is the best, but I can't think of any war since World War II that America has won. The Korean war is at a stalemate, and we pulled out of the Vietnam war. We are probably going to pull out of our current wars, too because of guerrilla warfare and strong opposition from the people.

If there were to be a guerrilla warfare-based revolution in America, would our own military be able to stop it?

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  • 5 years ago
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    The last war we declared we won (or at least helped to win). December 7, 1941 - August 14, 1945, known by all as the Second World War. Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan have NOT been declared wars by the Congress of the United States. And if we 're such "losers", why the hell does the rest of the world always want US to fight their ****ing wars for them? Korea wasn't a stalemate, the fighting ended due to a negotiated cease fire that the NORTH KOREANS initiated! Had the war continued, North Korea wouldn't be in existence anymore, and they knew it (so did the frigging Chinese!). We didn't LOSE Vietnam, either! We fought the VC to near extinction (which they have publicly acknowledged recently) and forced the North to sign a peace treaty to save their ***! The only reason the South fell was because the North waited for the US to pull our troops out AFTER THE PARIS PEACE TREATY WAS SIGNED and then they broke the treaty and took the South! Again, had the war continued, the North would have had their collective asses handed to them. Panama and Grenada were minor skirmishes that showed punk asses like Noriega and Castro who was REALLY the big dog on the block. The Persian Gulf war REALLY opened some eyes around the world, including those in Russia! When we kicked Saddam Hussein's *** back into the stone age and forced him out of Kuwait in less than 60 days of actual combat, the world sat up and took notice. And NOW, after taking Iraq away from Saddam Hussein and hanging his worthless *** out to dry, we're finishing the job against the Taliban in Afghanistan that the RUSSIANS couldn't do at the peak of their military might!

    I'm just wondering, where is it that you got the idea that the U.S. can't win wars?

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