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"Blindspot" question: Now that she's been identified as Taylor Shaw, why do people, including herself and Weller, still call her Jane Doe?

The show I'm referring to is "Blindspot" on NBC.

One of the main characters, who was originally referred to as Jane Doe, because nobody know her and she had memory loss, has now been positively identified by DNA and by that weird dude who works for her, as Taylor Shaw. So why does Weller still call her Jane? Why does everyone at the FBI still call her Jane? And why does she still call herself Jane?

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    5 years ago
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    Psychologically it could be explained that she identified, committed to the Jane Doe identity, so eventhough she is Taylor Shaw, she doesn't 'feel like a Taylor'.

    It sounds odd, but you see this a lot in psychology, people like to put their World, and themselves in boxes, and if that changes, they can either embrace it, and quickly hop in the new box, or they resist, and keep their original-box.

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