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Should I dye or highlight my hair?

I have dirty blonde hair, with some natural golden blonde highlights. I don't want to get something fake looking, I want like maybe lighter hair. Blonde beach waves, but not platinum blonde with some dirty blonde mixed in. I can't show you a picture of what I'm describing because it won't let me do it. I've never gotten anything done on my hair so it's scary, what if it doesn't look right. Help. I just want to change my look, I'm not sure though.

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    I'd highly recommend elc (extra lifting creme) for a really pretty natural sun kissed look. elc will lighten your hair two shades, 3 max where it's applied and is much healthier for your hair than bleach. From what you've described my natural color is like yours and the first time I got highlights I also wanted a natural look. My hairdresser at an aveda salon used elc and did a partial foil and it really brightened up the hair around my face just enough to make a difference, but it still looked super natural. And the best part: my hair was super healthy and not damaged at all after because we used elc! I did a partial foil, but if you want that beachy look, I'd suggest you have the elc painted on using the balayage method because the end result will be much more sun kissed and beachy looking. Also, because elc only lightens a couple levels, you don't have to worry about platinum icy highlights because your hair simply won't pull that light. I'm not sure if elc is available at salons that aren't aveda concept salons.. If you can't have highlights done using elc for some reason, then I'd suggest bleach with a 10 volume developer because it is the least damaging and lowest strength for highlights, so the result will still look natural; though keep in mind this will still be more damaging than elc.

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    highlight it. it's better for your hair and in my opinion, it looks a lot nicer and cuter

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    4 years ago

    I would go for the blond highlights, most definitely.

    Source(s): modelled during Uni.
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    4 years ago
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