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Windows 10 was fine till today everything i click on isn't responding.?

I've had windows 10 for awhile now. Never had a problem till now. My husband insists I go back to windows 8. He prefers windows 7 though lol. I may just switch it back. But everything I click on isn't responding, sometimes eventually does just takes a ridiculous amount of time. I may just try to do a recovery and see if it helps. Wondering if I should do a safe boot and do a repair? I don't know what it could be. It started updating steam after downloading two games and it was acting funny every since. Java updated shortly after.

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    We are M$. Resistance is futile. Your puters and lappies will adapt to service us. We will add your technology to our own. M$ has announced that Windows is NOT a top priority. Pushing people to use the cloud and mobile has become their main focus now. Now the truth about 10 is coming out.

    It was pretty good at first, but after a while I ran into some problems. That seems to be a reoccurring theme. Windows 10 has forced updates and they can install anything they want anytime they want, including new drivers. The problems you're experiencing are probably from M$ installing a security update that didn't work correctly, or worse, a driver that does not belong on your lappy.

    You might try reset. That will put it back to the beginning but there is no guarantee that the problems will not return, sorry. The link below will show you how to do the reset. I strongly recommend that you back up everything you have before doing this.

    After running reset use the link below to turn off Windows update installing drivers.

    What you are experiencing is the TRUE JOY of Windows 10.

    With Windows 10, M$ owns your system.

    YOU can no longer pick the updates you want installed.

    THEY can choose which drivers are installed.

    THEY can choose what THEY want on your system.

    THEY even installed a backdoor in it so THEY can SPY on you at all times.

    M$ has issued two major updates trying to fix ALL the bugs 10 has and have failed miserably at it. Those who try to defend this will tell you that 10 user have been given two free upgrades to a whole new OS. They even try to claim that you now have Windows 12 and not 10. LOL I can't make this stuff up, they really say that. It even gets funnier. They are now trying to convince us that Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 is the same as 10. Those who are so blinded by their loyalty to M$ are trying to claim that the previous OS came with the same spyware built into it to. I swear it, I can not make this stuff up, they really do say these things. LOL I know for a fact that I could refuse updates on the previous OSes. I also know that Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 DID NOT have telemetry data as 10 does until M$ install it after the release of 10. Look for these updates and see if you have them. KB 3068708 KB 3022345 KB 3075249 KB 3080149 These updates give 7 and 8 the same spying capability as 10 has. Before this Windows had Customer Experience Improvement which you could opt out of. Then M$ decided it needed to force spyware down our throats with the release of 10 and the updates to 7, 8, and 8.1. I guess they decided allowing someone to participate was not profitable enough for them. That means there is more to it then just telemetry data. The data being sent back contains a lot more then the very basic info. It has data that can be sold and increase the profit margin for M$. Bill everything but admitted it in a interview when he took the side of the FBI against Apple.

    M$ is pushing 10 hard because it means a big increase in their profit margarine when they sell the info they collect on you. That is why it is FREE. They have seen the profits that the smart phone makers are raking in by spying on their user so M$ decided to emulate that and cripple the desktops, laptops so they can do the same. That's why they built a back door in it so you can stop the OS with a firewall from phoning home. They spend years coping anything that Apple did. Hence we got Windows 8. Now they are going copy the smart phone industry and and force everyone to use APP.

    To show how bad Windows 10 really is, take a look at the chart below. They have been giving it away for free for over 9 months. It has been install on all the new systems that are sold. It only has a little less then 13% of the OS market share, LOL it is in a neck and neck with XP, 8. That speaks volumes on just how bad 10 really is.

    I find that people who are blinded by loyalty to M$ know little about Windows 10 and the spyware in it. They base their opinion on second hand knowledge and propaganda spread by M$

    Source(s): TWB 35+ years of experience in the service industry. You name it, I have probably fixed it. I did not design it, I did not build it, I did not break it, but I am the one who can fix it. What that means is that I have spent a life time taking these things apart and seeing how they are made. The difficult we do right away, the impossible just takes a little longer. I hear voices, so please be quiet so I can listen to them.
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    windows 10 requires more ram and better processing time. downgrading back to windows 7 isnt such a bad idea if you have a slow PC. If you still want to keep windows 10, either have a ram upgrade or uninstall alot of programs. Download advanced system care and do a full scan and use the turbo boost option and disable a few unnecessery startup items. After that you can uninstall it.

    If the problem still accurs and you still want to keep windows 10, reboot the bastard

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    Go to Windows update and make sure it is up to date...

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    Re-boot the dern thing

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