Megaman Collection PS4 Vs 3ds? Also, Question about DOOM?

I've never played a single Megaman game. The collection is out for PS4 and 3ds. Which should I get it for?

Also, another question. I'm getting DOOM when it comes out in May. I've played a little of the original doom online. At this thrift store, I can get an NES for 80 bucks. Or, I can get Doom 3 for the PS3, and it comes with all 3 games. Should I save up and get the NES, and wait a few months to get Uncharted 4, or should ai just get Doom 3? Thanks!

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  • 4 years ago
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    The Mega Man Legacy Collection is available for multiple platforms (PS4, XBox One, PC, 3DS)... so just grab it on the platform that you prefer. If you have a New 3DS (or the NFC reader), going with the collector's 3DS version might provide a better value since it includes extra content & a collectable Amiibo.

    As for the question about NES, Doom 3 (PS3) or Uncharted 4... I'm partial for the NES, assuming that it's in good condition (has 2 NES controllers & necessary connectors) & a couple of games... but I've grown up with the NES & enjoy a good chunk of it's library. Beyond that, what do you think you'll be playing / enjoying more...

    Hope this sheds light on the subject.

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