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How do you see the Chicago White Sox doing this season?

This is a team that coming into the offseason, had many holes that needed to be filled and came off a mediocre season of 76-86, and a weak offense. However, despite missing out on Cespedes/Gordon/Upton (they showed significant interest in all three), they still had a really nice offseason. They finally got their 3rd baseman, an awesome power bat in Todd Frazier who provides protection for Abreu-obviously the big move. There were many others though, such as buying low on 2nd baseman Brett Lawrie (still full of potential), getting a back end starter in Mat Latos who gives depth, arguably upgrading at catcher with Alex Avila and Dioner Navarro, and quickly getting Jimmy Rollins and Austin Jackson-neither are great and both had down seasons, but both are still okay and are upgrades.

So here's my question-will this team contend this season, will it be a repeat of last year and continue being mediocre, or will they fall down to the cellar? This team obviously has a great core-in the lineup with Abreu, Adam Eaton, and the newly acquired Frazier, the rotation (Chris Sale-a Cy Young candidate along with Jose Quintana and Carlos Rodon, two breakout candidates, although the backend could cause trouble), and one of the best closers with David Robertson, supporting a decent bullpen. With the core in place, they got a better supporting cast this Winter, so what will the results be, in a division with the reigning champs and three other teams who could be just as good?


I live in Chicago and I'm a die hard fan so I want to know what others think

Update 2:

Looking for serious answers only plz

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    I think the White Sox still have some holes to fill in that lineup. They potentially only have 2-3 good offensive players, the back of their rotation is questionable, and that is the team's Achilles heel. The one thing the White Sox do have going for them, though, is the AL Central is not that strong of a division (this year, KC looks to me to be the only certainty for a winning record [the Indians have too many question marks on offense]), so it's possible if a couple of other position players can heat up their bats (they potentially have five good bats in the lineup, if a couple can bounce back or come through [I'll be interested to see what happens to Brett Lawrie, in particular]), but I wouldn't bet on them overtaking the Royals (Fangraphs, I might add, has the White Sox finishing second to the Indians at 80-82).

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    Honestly this team has .500 written all over them. The improvements other than Frazier aren't the kind that turn mediocre teams into contenders. But the biggest question is what the whole falling out between some players and management will do to the room over the LaRoche situation. Chris Sale has taken a particularly ugly stance with Williams and others have either remained incredibly silent (leading us to wonder if they were the ones who complained....if any players really complained) then you had newcomers like Avila who seemingly took Sales side. Keep in mind Avila is a son of a GM and played on a team that allows the same father/son interactions that Williams decided was no longer appropriate.....but in truth the real issue may not be as simple as asking Adam to stop bringing his son. I suspect many players are upset about the management not honoring an agreement regardless of whether or not they personally agree, they must wonder if the team has the same integrity when it comes to one of them. In any job (yours and mine included) when management upsets the workers by not respecting an agreement even though you have a job to do there is resentment that will linger and whether or not you intend it to affect your performance it will manifest itself in little ways. Small margins are the difference between real contenders and middle of the pack teams. You know Sale will dominate most of his games and you know Quintana will be lights out on occasion and a trainwreck on other outtings. Rodon is a wildcard until he proves he is worth the hype (I suspect he has the stuff to be very good and will be this season) but your 4th and 5th starters have to scare the crap out of you (Latos hasn't been good for a couple seasons now and NL pitchers who struggle in the NL often get shelled when they switch to the AL). Rollins is not an upgrade offensively or defensively over Ramirez and Austin Jackson will provide good defense but little offense. And Avila....between the injuries and his knack for striking out in key situations will frustrate you...just when you have had enough he will hit that timely HR and set you up for the cycle of frustration all over again. Like I said this is maybe a slightly improved team to the tune of 81-81 season with the potential to implode because of the locker room issues over the LaRoche situation.

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