Do I include guests' babies on wedding invitations if they're too small to eat the food but invited?

I'm having people RSVP through my wedding website, and the way it works is when you put in your name, your whole family that is invited pops up (Provided I put them there) and for each member you select whether or not you are coming and what dish you want.

I know that when people specifically don't want children at their wedding they address the invitations to "Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Sally Smith" as opposed to "The Smith Family." I don't want to go with the latter because I do want to be specific about who I invite.

Some toddlers might be old enough to eat the food but some of the younger babies won't be old enough for more than a couple bites.

So how do I do this? Do I just let the babies have a meal selection and hope the parents are super hungry? Or do I take them off the invitations and tell the parents themselves that the children are invited?

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  • 4 years ago
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    I will answer as a mom that has raised 3 kids and those 3 kids have attended many weddings. Any child over 2 or 3 needs a seat. I can seat a younger child in a stroller at the table, but at 2 or 3 they will only sit in my lap for a short period. But they don't necessarily need a meal. I always would bring snacks and share my meal with them.

    Honestly, if you're having kids at your reception, a buffet is a better choice. You don't have to worry about any guest too young to need a meal. In your situation, your RSVP cards should list the meal choices and spaces for guest to fill in the number next to each selection. Can't imagine that any mom or dad would request a meal for a 5 month old. Also, talk with your caterer. Many offer a choice of a kid's meal.

  • Kelly
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    4 years ago

    Everyone invited should be named on the invitation, it lets them know everyone who is included on the invite.

    Outer Envelope - Mr and Mrs Jonathan Miller and family.

    Inner envelope:

    Jonathan Miller

    Kelly Miller

    Sabrina Miller

    Olivia Miller

    Aiden Miller

    Most kids under 3 years old will eat off a parents' plate. However, you still need to give a head count to your venue because they still need a chair to sit in.

    Check with your caterer/venue on pricing for kids meals. Many offer discounts for kids, but don't tell so you end up paying the same price for a child that you will for an adult when they won't eat half as much. They may even offer a separate menu for kids, foods small kids will eat.

    You should also check with the venue on how many high chairs are available, usually it's not many so those with kids who are still in high chairs, you should let them know to bring a portable one. That's another reason you need a headcount for your venue, those portable high chairs attach to a chair so even a baby may need a chair. When my kids were that small, I had one in case I needed it but some people need a reminder.

  • Poodie
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    4 years ago

    Invite every guest by name. Just because they may not eat a meal, doesn't mean they don't require a seat. If you don't name the infants on the invitation, parents who can't get child care will choose not to come. You need a head count, so it's best to include everyone-meal or not. If they don't require a meal, they won't select one.

  • 4 years ago

    If you want them to know that their babies are welcome, then address the baby by name on the invitation:

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

    Master Kayden Smith

    Miss Lucy Smith

    If the reception hall offers a child's plate, such as chicken fingers, then can you add that to the RSVP site?

    I would think that people will just leave the meal selection blank if they have a young baby who won't eat a meal. Is there an option to put "no meal needed" or "other" as a choice, or something like that?

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes - everyone invited is included on the invitation

    You might choose to add a note to those with young children regarding food choices for children, or to ask if unweaned babies have any requirements

  • Paula
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    4 years ago

    Yes, you should invite babies by name. I once had my newborn invited by name.

    You could have an extra meal option on the web site, for kids' meal or baby. For instance, if you have two main meals, you could add two extra options:

    * Main meal 1

    * Main meal 2

    * kids' meal

    * no meal required

  • 4 years ago

    Yes, you included babies because they still need a place at the table.

  • 4 years ago

    For the ones with babies I would put children welcome but for the toddlers that will need a seat and meal you incude their name like Mr & Mrs John Smith and Joseph

    • Poodie
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      4 years agoReport

      Infants require a seat as well. Most parents don't want to attempt eating a nice meal in their nice clothing with a baby in their laps.

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