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My kitten has had diarrhea since I got her?

I got my kitten from a cat rescue she was 10 weeks I have had her for almost 4 months now and she has had diarrhea since the day I got her and who knows how long before that, I have taken to her to the vet a bunch of times and gotten wormers and antibiotics and then I tried to holistic side and tried a holistic solution I have tried switching foods and feeding her yogurt and nothing has worked I also tried giving her kaopectate for 5 days still nothing, im running out of ideas I have one more stronger wormer to try and one more kind of antibiotics then I am out of ideas and way out of money, my first question is does anyone have any more ideas and second will this cause her problems later in life? Am I always going to have a sick cat?

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    I tihink you need a second opinion....

    When a cat is producing watery stool, she is losing important minerals (sodium, chloride, potassium and electrolytes) not to mention food, and other bodily fluids like mucus and even blood within her system. Particularly in kittens, dehydration can quickly set in.

    Diarrhea can be caused by:




    Improper diet

    Cow’s milk


    Stomach upset

    Food allergies

    Feline Leukemia


    Foreign objects causing obstruction



    I like to use a good broad spectrum dewormer such as fenbendazole (Panacur) as it also gets Giardia. If there is blood in the stools, the culprit may be coccidia and a sulfa drug (such as TMS) must be used. Did your vet use that?

    A little known cause of diarrhea in cats is Tritrichomonas, and a special culture must be requested from the lab. Sometimes, high protein, low carb diets help (canned, not dry) and if not, then a fiber added diet.

    Did the vet do bloodwork? It is a good idea to check a complete blood count (CBC) and chemistry panel to try to be sure that some problem like kidney disease or liver disease is not contributing to the diarrhea.

    Some of the measures you can take at home:

    Feeding plain yogurt with active cultures.

    Boiled Chicken with white rice mixed together is a great bland diet to start feeding, see if that helps.

    Bene-Bac powder- available at any good pet supply store.

    GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) Liquid- 3 drops in wet food.

    Adding fiber to the diet/bland diet to see if the stools become formed (metamucil or some canned pumpkin).

    Did the vet discuss allergies? Some kittens just grow out of it. Maybe try a green pea and rabbit diet.

    I really think you need a second vet should allow your kitty to continue like this.If you get really frustrated consider asking your vet to refer your cat to an internal medicine specialist or to a veterinary college. These folks tend to see the really difficult cases of things like diarrhea more frequently than general practitioners and sometimes there is something in that experience that makes it easier to recognize a particular problem.

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    take the kitten back to the rescue you got it from, they ARE meant to make sure ALL animal's in THEIR care ARE fit & healthy, BEFORE they get rehomed, VERY OBVIOUSLY they have NOT done so in this case.

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