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What is the difference between a topic and an issue?

I have to do an oral presentation at school and I have chosen safety on public transport. But I have to make this into an issue, the teacher told me it was a topic. Any tips on anything else to think about

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  • 4 years ago
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    Issue - a point in question or a matter that is in dispute

    Topic - subject; subject matter or theme

    System safety and reliability transportation is an engineering discipline. Continuous changes in technology, environmental regulation and public safety concerns make the analysis of complex safety-critical systems more and more demanding.

    Safety is often seen as one of a group of related disciplines: quality, reliability, availability, maintainability and safety. (Availability is sometimes not mentioned, on the principle that it is a simple function of reliability and maintainability.) These issues tend to determine the value of any work, and deficits in any of these areas are considered to result in a cost, beyond the cost of addressing the area in the first place; good management is then expected to minimize total cost.

    Public Transportation has been a key aspect of the Green initiative. The idea of going Green, which basically entails commissioning more eco-friendly systems, is essentially new. Gases emitted by automobiles have been cited as major contributors to the issues addressed in green initiatives.

    In the United States, Canada, most of the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand, smoking is prohibited in all or some parts of most public transportation systems due to safety and health issues. Generally smoking is not allowed on buses and trains, while rules concerning stations and waiting platforms differ from system to system. The situation in other countries varies widely.

    Some systems have regulations on the use of profanity. In the United States, this has been challenged as a free speech issue.

    Probably the most common individual response to perceived safety issues is insurance, which compensates for or provides restitution in the case of damage or loss.

    All these issues and others can be found from an monthly issue of Public Transportation publication or a DOT magazine covering one or more topic(s) about safety issue(s) especially if it is highly debatable.

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  • Mercy
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    4 years ago

    Public transport is not as safe as it could be . ( That's an issue.)

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