How much does it cost to publish a book?

I want to write a book so I can get some money together for college. I'm writing all sorts of books: horrors, thrillers, romance ... but I don't know how much it costs to publish books. Can anyone give me any prices please? And Book publishing agencies? Thanks.

I live in Cardiff (WALES)

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    5 years ago
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    Ignore the Lulu suggestion.

    Publishing costs nothing, zilch, nada. If it costs, that means self-publishing aka, vanity publishing. Don't self-publish. It's worthless, means you have little self-confidence, and your work is obviously so bad, no real publisher would take it. As for getting money together for college, I'm afraid to break it to you, but breaking into the writing industry is not that easy. About 2% of people that tried to get published, actually get published. As for those, less than .5% of them make it big. Most authors actually have to work second jobs in order to pay off bills, food etc. That, and the fact you also need an agent because publishing houses nowadays rarely accept unsolicited manuscripts. Agents take on 1 or 2 new authors a year, max.

    1. Actually finish your novel, and put it in a draw for 2 months

    2. Take it out and look over it. Edit it, edit it and again and again until it's perfect

    3. Get writer's market/artists and writers yearbook

    4. Look through and find agents that represent your genre

    5. Set your manuscript out like they would like; usually double spaced with 1.5inch margins either side

    6. Write a query; edit it and edit it and edit it until it's perfect

    7. Send them off and wait

    8. Whilst you wait, work on your next novel

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    5 years ago

    Self-publishing costs are going to range widely depending on what option you choose and how much promotion of your book you try to do.

    However, you're not going to make any money from self-publishing. You want to publish with a mainstream publisher, which will cost you nothing, because real publishers don't charge -- they pay YOU advances and royalties. The problem is getting your book accepted by such a publisher. Most books are rejected.

    You need to write the book first and then get it accepted by a literary agent, who will then try to sell it to publishers. If it's accepted and published, the literary agent will take a percentage of whatever it earns. However, just as is the case with publishers, agents reject most of the books submitted to them, because most are not very good or the agent feels the subject isn't suited to the current literary marketplace.

    Teenagers tend to be very bad writers, by the way, though if they keep writing, if they practice and get serious professional advice and criticism through classes and writers' groups, they MAY become very good.

    I suggest that you actually finish a book and once you've done so, come back here and ask how to go about finding agents in the UK who might be willing to consider it. There are directories of literary agents that can usually be found in your nearest public library.

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    If you do it right, it doesn't cost anything. Traditional publishers pay the author, if they think the book will make a profit for them. If they don't think it will make a profit, they don't offer to publish it. Reputable self-publishing companies will let you publish for free - they make their money by taking a cut from the revenue whenever someone buys a copy of your book. (They may have extra services that you pay for, but these should all be optional.)

    If you want to self-publish, then depending on how good a writer you are and how good you are at the other things you need to do to release a book, I would budget up to £1500. Most of that should go on the best editor you can find, and most of the rest should go on the best cover artist you can afford. However, unless you're very good at marketing or very lucky, it's unlikely you'll ever sell enough copies to show a profit on that amount.

    If you need extra money for college, I'd recommend a part-time job, which pays better than writing, and far more predictably. It also introduces you to lots of stupid and arrogant people, whom you can have fun killing off in your horror stories.

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    You would have a better chance at earning money for college by getting an actual job. Very few writers actually make any money from their writing and it takes YEARS to develop the skills necessary to become good enough to be published.

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    Ella you are a loser. Ada is your back-up account! This exact same question was asked FIVE years ago. And "Ada" (who is you) copied the best answer! You are pathetic!

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    IF its worth publishing you dont pay at all

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    5 years ago

    Nothing. If you are any good then you get paid. All else is vanity.

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