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My 2003 mitsubishi montero sport was working fine until I was on the road and noticed my radio was blinking on and off and started to think it was my terminaLs loose again . When I pull at my house I check and tighten them . As I pull back out later that night I noticed my radio still acting up and my headlight really low . I know it can t be a battery I just got a new one a month or two ago. So I pull over and the car cut off on me. I got a jump and took it back to my house (I didn t get very far) . On the way back the cat started a choking like motion & kinda like if it was running out of gas ( I put gas in iknow that wasn t the problem ) I gotta mother jump and took it home. The next day I start it it makes a humming noise and that s it. I jump started it again let it run & it makes a rattling noise during the time of idle. Rattling comes from around the hood /passenger side. The. I JUST noticed When That Happens. And I step on the gas the rpm or horsepower ( which ever dial isn t the mph. There s only two lol) doesn t go up like normal. Any suggestions?

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  • Tony
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    4 years ago
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    Classic alternator failure.

    You mention your radio. Is it an after market high power stereo system? With a big amplifier? If so you are probably drawing more current than the alternator can generate. IF so you're just going to keep burning out alternators.

    I don't know the specs on your car; but if it came factory Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as a 60 amp alternator and you put a lot of extras on it like lights and a big stereo you can easily draw more power than the alternator was designed to handle.

    Just guessing here - so if I'm wrong - understand I don't know what you have on your vehicle. If you have a high power stereo then you can replace the alternator with a high energy alternator, one capable of generating 100 amps or more - depending on how much energy you need to run your stereo AND all other electrics in the car.

    And like realtor.sailor said - FULLY CHARGE the battery. Alternators are not battery chargers they are battery charge maintainers. Meaning the battery should already have a good charge on them. When you start the car the alternator is supposed to put back what the starter took.

    Also check for lose or worn belts. A slipping belt can let the alternator NOT charge the battery. The electrical system will crash and the car will die.

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      Is there a way I can contact you with situational details

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    It sounds like the alternator isn't charging the battery. A car won't run forever on just a battery. For now, using a battery charger, let the battery charge for several hours then have the alternator checked.

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    Your battery is not being charged by the alternator and so the battery is going flat. Many possible causes - battery duff, alternator duff, charging regulation duff etc. .Need testing for electrical outputs

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  • J J
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    4 years ago

    Replace the alternator or the belt whichever is bad.

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