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I need a bunch of names.?

I'm writing a book series, and already posted a question about a name for a particular character. Later on in the series, I have an asylum and need as many first and last names as you can come up with. I would try a random name generator, but would much prefer actual people. Remember, this is an asylum, so keep that in mind.

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  • 4 years ago
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    Elizabeth Crowsby

    Delia James

    Jillian Astrid

    Louise Billingsly

    Tara Truesdale

    Denise Shepherd

    Perry Hodges

    Terry Patterson

    Joe Rocksford

    William Brucely

    Jerry Smith

    Travis Buxley

    • Jessica4 years agoReport

      Thank you! I was going to use these answers as background characters, but I might actually use Delia James as a major character, if thats ok with you.

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  • 4 years ago

    Destiny hills

    brandy miller

    kelly klook

    karl etersein

    mike desnord

    Gina Mirto

    Reynaldo Farner

    Pa Madril

    Lelah Makris

    Maynard Spinney

    Verlie Carwile

    Lillian Cruickshank

    Frederic Bartkowiak

    Madge Horrell

    Jamey Vanderford

    Ozell Villagrana

    Ivana Zetina

    Jose Swingle

    Chasity Piscitelli

    Gary Scheu

    Livia Espino

    Savanna Nowlen

    Tonette Bartolome

    Britta Bushee

    Solange Hare

    Reta Grauer

    Delbert Menjivar

    Natacha Herriman

    Sierra Diehm

    Renna Mercedes

    Treva Villacorta

    Lana Lauterbach

    Lashon Zygmont

    Therese Tower

    Leda Morquecho

    Marion Gibb

    Russell Siefert

    Sasha Tolliver

    Elanor Boughner

    Wei Lehmkuhl

    Hyman Baltimore

    Vivien Brevard

    Tarsha Torrain

    Celinda Hedlund

    Maryam Grout

    Catherina Dalessio

    Catarina Gaydos

    Eddy Welsh

    Lashawna Stoneburner

    Gail Edling

    Sonny Londono

    Robbyn Skelley

    Levi Eddings

    Simona Follett

    Catrice Welk

    Callie Stogner

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    So are you going to write any of "your" book yourself?

  • Mike
    Lv 6
    4 years ago

    google is your friend

    • Jessica4 years agoReport

      helpful, thanks

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