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What is the difference between a fresh water boat and a salt water boat?

And can you use a salt water boat in fresh water?

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    A boat is a boat is a boat, The only differences that you will find is in the engine cooling systems. Even then they both can and often do use the same system with inboard engines. Outboard engines use the same cooling system and after use in salt water should always be flushed through with fresh water.

    Inboard engines will generally use an indirect cooling system, In this fresh water from a sealed fresh water tank will circulate and cool the engine. This water is then cooled by circulating it through coils which are then cooled by passing water from outside the boat. This water is then pumped back into the sea, river or lake. This is the preferred system as it tends to better prevent any contamination of the water the boat is in.

    The other main difference is in the type of sacrificial anodes that you will use to prevent corrosion of submerged metal parts, such as prop etc.

    Construction of the boat if wood, GRP or steel will not be affected in either salt or fresh water although you may have to give some consideration to the antifouling that you use. The one medium used in boat construction that will need to be handles differently is aluminium. Which is very prone to galvanic action in salt water.

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    There is absolutely NO difference between a freshwater or saltwater boat. There are more "concerns" regarding the corrosive nature of salt water...but the boats are NO difference. A freshwater boat can go in saltwater...and vice versa.

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    There is no difference. Any boat will last longer in fresh water.

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    The largest public freshwater supply in my county

    has been permanently corrupted by invasive life

    forms transferred by salt water boats entering to

    flush their motors. Inspections now occur that stop

    additional abuse but existing freshwater damage is

    unlikely to be totally cleared of past public entry.

    At some point the public will choke and not swallow

    easily the cost of future freshwater treatment.

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    Not really much of anything. Salt water is a lot more corrosive than fresh water and you need to clean and flush the engine after each use.

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    Main difference in resistance to corrosion and rot and also difference in buoyancy. You can use salt water boat in fresh water but it will be a little deeper in it.

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    there is no difference. there is no boat specific to either kind of water.

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    The water it is in.

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    4 years ago

    No difference.

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