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I do very well in every subject in school, and thus have some trouble deciding exactly what field to pursue, I do particularly well in math, chemistry and history, but I have never recieved less than a 95 in my highschool career. I would like to be very comfortable, and I would like to travel for work, I have thought about Careers in medicine, in economics, in international banking, in neuroscience, but I am just not sure, I would love any insight or career help for people like me.

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    First you have to ask yourself what kind of job you can do full time, day after day, for the rest of your life, and still get paid well enough to make a comfortable living doing it.

    I would say mathematics is the best field because it's the most versatile. History is only good if you're going to be a history teacher--it's not going to make you much money. I've known history majors who graduate from prestigious universities who couldn't land a single job after graduation.

    My mom has a PhD in Pharmacology that she only used for 2 years before she switched into business. According to her, if you get a job in science you're going to either A) work for a corporation where you are a slave to what marketing wants and have no freedom of research of your own, or B) work for a university where you actually spend more time writing papers and applying for grants than you do actually doing research.

    Mathematics, on the other hand, is a good gateway to a lot of high-paying jobs.

    I was a creative writing major in college (pursued what I love, not what was needed on the job market) so I suffered pretty hard after college. I graduated in 2010 so the job market was at its worst, and I and many of my classmates all struggled to find work. I would apply to 200 jobs and get only 1 interview, and still not get the job at that interview. Later, when I got good at using Tableau as a business tool, I would get interviewed for one out of every 2 positions I applied for because it's all about which skill sets are in-demand.

    Another thing to consider is that it's often not about who works the hardest, the job market is all about supply and demand. A lazy IT guy who strolls into the office 2 hours late, leaves 2 hours early, and browses Facebook for half the time he's in an office WILL get paid 5x more than the employee-of-the-month at your local Target store. Why? Because every company needs an IT guy and there are only few of them to go around, whereas not every company needs a cashier and you can train just about anyone to be one.

    So to summarize: look at in-demand skill sets.

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    The comment above has several good points. I think it really boils down to what you think would be the most fulfilling for you. You don't necessarily have to make enormous amounts of money to be happy. If travel is something you would like to do for a living with the potential to help people hit me up offline at JourneyingGingr@gmail.com

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