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What is the best degree for working as either a U.S Marshal, ICE agent or DEA agent?

So I'm a 25 year old male paramedic with an associates degree in paramedicine. I've always been interested in joining law enforcement And have a high interest in joining one of the above three agencies all three websites say criminal justice but I have heard to stay away from criminal justice major

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    NON of the website recommend a degree in criminal justice. They may include it on a LONG list of acceptable degrees, but the one you already have is better than criminal justice for ANY career.\

    Edit: I just check all 3 websites. The US Marshal service is the ONLY one that mentions any degree at all, and it says a law enforcement related degree, such as ... Criminal justice is on the PARTIAL list.

  • reza
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    Whether or not they say to stay away from the major, if that's the degree you NEED to do to get one of those jobs, then you NEED to do it. Make sure you find out WHY they're saying to stay away from it; is it against all programs as a whole or is it just giving bad ratings for the school you're at? If it's the location then you can easily find another school to go to

    • Mike4 years agoReport

      I have heard to stay away from it from members of law enforcement stating that criminal justice is a dime a dozen and doesn't make you stand out at all making the competition steep

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    Have you heard why you should stay away from a criminal justice degree? Not only does common sense say that is a good choice but the web sites say so as well.

    • STEVEN F
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      NO, they don't. Try actually READING your claimed sources.

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