STP Oil Treatment for Synthetic oil?

Hi, Can you use STP Oil Treatment in Synthetic Oil? I've seen contradicting things online, but the bottle says nothing? I drive a 2000 Toyota RAV4. Thank you in advance!

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    5 years ago
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    the ZDDP additives are not good for catalytic converters. the STP oil treatment is for cars with high friction flat tappet cams... they don't do anything special for roller cam like your car uses. If a car uses a motor with a flat tappet cam, it 99% of the time also does not have a cat converter, those are old cars. best "oil treatment" for your rav 4 is to use the proper dexos spec and weight of oil indicated, as going too heavy or thick will cause it to wear prematurely due to oil barriers forming in the motor where the oil is too thick to get into. And don't go late on your oil changes, if it consumes oil you have to change the oil more often because low oil level trashes the oil faster. The only oil treatment I would use in those Toyotas that call for light synthetic is the synthetic lucas. Lucas isn't thick, its sticky, that's good..

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    If you ask STP, they'll say its fine. If you ask Toyota, they'll say "no way!" I'm certain it says in your owner's manual, just like in any owner's manual, not to add any additives to your oil or gasoline.

    Think of this.

    1. Toyota built your car. They know what keeps it going. Lots of people get hundreds of thousands of miles in their Toyotas by following Toyota's recomendations. Is there anywhere in the manual that says to add something to the oil? If you follow what the owner's manual asks your car will last a very long time. If you're having problems (which most likely was caused by not following some suggestion in the manual) it's best to fix them, not bandaid them with some additive.

    2. People all over are trying to sell products that you don't need just so they can make money. You already have some top notch synthetic oil. Now you want to add something more to it. What are you trying to accomplish? What's broke that this will fix? What is this going to prevent? Usually you can save your car all sorts of troubles by reading the owner's manual, not adding some cure-all magical substance that suddenly your engine "needs" because STP says so. It's like fuel injection cleaner. Where in the owner's manual does it say you need to regularly clean your fuel injectors?

    Sorry if this sounds like I'm ranting and raving, but I'm just trying to point out that these products aren't necessary. In fact, they could even cause more damage than good. I've got over 500,000 miles on my car and I never use any of these supposed "cure all" additives. All I do is follow what the owner's manual says. If it starts having a problem I stop driving it until I fix it.

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    Mostly what it does is make your oil thicker, why not just buy a heavier grade of oil? I wouldn't recommend using either one though unless you have a bad oil consumption of low oil pressure issue.

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    Change your oil and oil filter. That is all you need to do.

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