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Should I give up on my goal?

Hello friends, I need advice and I need it now! Currently I am a junior in high school I have put myself in a situation that I wish I wasn't in right now regarding school. See, I want to graduate this year as a junior. I switched over from public school to online school with the idea in mind to graduate early. At the beginning of the year, I was told that it was going to be a lot of work (as I was taking on an extra class this year) but I should be able to reach my goal fairly easy. All year long I've been telling people I was going to graduate early, and I've been quite proud of it. Anyways, my problem is that I've procrastinated on my schoolwork all year (since I do my schoolwork online, I have the freedom to decide when I do it) and I don't know if J will be able to finish in time! I have until the end of June but I've still got a lot to do. Here are a list of all my classes:

Life Skills A

Life Skills B

ACT Prep

Algebra II A

Algebra II B

English IIIA

English IIIB

English IV A

English IV B

Physical Science A

Physical Science B

U.S Government A

U.S Governent B

Those are all the classes I have to do this year. I've completed most of them except for the following classes:

English III B

English IVA

English IV B

Algebra IIB

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    At first, when you listed all the classes, I was pretty daunted. At the end, you say there are four classes left. Now I think that is doable in three months.

    You did correctly note that with online classes, you are free to do the assignments whenever you want. That's the advantage of online school. BUT, as you are well aware now, you DO have to decide to fire up the computer and get those assignments done.

    Just leave your distractions alone for a while. Instead of going on Facebook or other sites and wasting a bunch of time there, get in the habit of devoting, say, three hours a day of doing assignments. Once this becomes a habit (and once you actually start *taking interest* in the classes), you can get those four classes done in time.

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