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Are most Pisces women mentally unstable?


Most of them are walking crazies and about as two-faced as a reversible jacket. Fake! Scorpio is the only realist water sign.

Update 2:

I know two Pisces women and both told me after knowing them after two days that they were diagnosed as Bipolar. However, they're as sweet as they can be.

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    They are very open about their instability. Ask any one of them and they will openly admit that they are not very stable in the head. Not any of the water signs are actually stable. We are all eccentric creative little f****** that need to get our life together but people love us just the way we are. Whether it be the bipolar pisces, the maniacal scorpio or the emotional tide cancer. Good thing is we are loved my many and hated by few. The list below is my point and case

    1. Nicole Scherzinger & Harrison Gilbertson - Cancer

    2. Leonardo DiCaprio - Demi Moore- Scorpio

    3. Bruce Willis - Olivia Wilde - Pisces

    Source(s): Cancer SUN/Gemini Rising
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    Kinda depends on their chart but, for the most part not exactly. People see them like that because they tend to do things... differently. Not in a sense of "oh wow, they're so unique!" It's more of them doing things oddly. They can also have sudden emotional switches because they pick up on whatever emotion is most prominent in the environment. So they're not unstable just really freaking weird and sensitive to vibes.

    Source(s): I've got a Pisces moon OuO
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    Disagree. As a capricorn, I have noticed that the most realistic is cancer. They are babies but at least they're not faking it unlike pisces.

    And as for scorpios, they are actually insecure and selfish people.

    Back to your main question: Pisces can be mentally unstable. Just like cancer. They get confused easily.

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    No. Some are just heads above the clouds and spiritual.

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