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Poll: Thoughts On Paul Newman?

Greatest actor in the history of film, not a single bad word can be said about him.

Allegedly the talentless idiot Marlon Brando said that Newman was bisexual but if he did say that i think it is because he was jealous as Newman could act and Brando couldn't.

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    Wow, how do you know so much about Brando and Newman? I read a biography of Newman's which described his wife Joanne Woodward having to go pull him away from some woman he'd taken up with outside of their marriage. And as far as "great" goes, I think they both were decent actors, but more regarded for their personas and image than their actual acting ability.

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    I always admire that he was married to the same woman for 50 years, him and Joanne Woodward were soulmates

    To be fair though Brando was bisexual so a bit different to Newman

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    He was a great actor. He had real screen presence. And people said that Brando was gay. So whatever. And definitely, James Dean was (according to Elizabeth Taylor and others). Almost all the "cool bad boys" of Hollywood were gay.

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    He was cool. He was a Jew, but he didn't look or act like one, which enforced his coolness.

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    I like his pretzels.

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    good actor

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