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Can I turbocharge a Toyota Avalon? If not tell me why and if so let me know if I need to take additional steps to have the turbo run safely?

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    4 years ago
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    depends on the engine. the GR family engines are 10:1 compression ratio. to high of compression to turbo. one would need to Purdy much modify/rebuild that engine to accept a turbo. different crank and such.

    the MZ I can't find info on regarding compression ratios. that one, I'd look at the toy TRD store to see is one is offered.

    the AR family engines are 12:1. way to high to boost safely.

    the over all issue would be the amount of miles on a given engine. since all internal parts eventually become work hardened/wear mated to lower compression pressures that are normal/typical to high mileage engine, boosting compression pressures on those would cause valve seat failure and eventually compression ring failure.


    the three basic considerations are,

    boosting high compression engines would require a more stable fuel make up than is offered at our local pumps. and or different internals to lower compression pressures. so not practical.

    older engines need to be rebuilt prior to boosting, lest they go away shortly there after. valves and rings as mentioned.

    another internal consideration is strength of con rods/connecting rods, and crank. even on say an 8:1 compression ratio example.

    then there's always the issue of room in the bay for the mod. some bays with all the crap in them, just can't accommodate the added piping and spool. some ppl have even put turbos way down low, basically under and behind the engine due to the lack of room.

    that's typically realized when doing the mock up procedures. which is purdy much required to prove fitment.

    so best bet is to note mileage/wear, which is around 75,000+ miles. subjective to past care. then go to the TRD store and see if one is offered.

    or go to some Avalon forums and see what others have done. there, you can also get help from the onset of the mod to it's conclusion. which we can't do here in this venue.

    • Nick4 years agoReport

      Thanks a bunch, This was extremely informative and extremely Intresting to read.

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