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is it too early for 1,5 months old puppy for vaccinations?

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    Yes. Further, unless for some reason, the litter/puppy didn't take mum's first milk (colostrum), in which case on the vet's advice, a puppy may be given an interim vaccination against Parvo and Leptospirosis at around 6 weeks, the norm would be some time after 8 weeks, minimum. I had mine done at 10 weeks. Natural immunity from mum, via the colostrum, lasts for approximately 5 weeks, after which age, it gradually drops away until normally by 8 weeks, it's gone and external vaccination can be given. Done too early and it won't take, so is pointless.

    Until ALL the external vaccination is given, puppies must not be put on the ground off their secure property and it's best not to meet with other dogs as even if healthy, they can still walk infection in.

    If relevant, rabies is given at around 4 months.

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    YES, it IS too early. Puppies need to be at least 7 weeks old for vaccinations or the ANTIBODIES they got from their mother will FIGHT with an vaccine given before that time. The mother's antibodies do not dissipate in puppies until about the 7th week after birth. This is one of the MANY reasons WHY it is ILLEGAL for puppies to be SOLD or transferred to new homes, before the age of 7 or 8 weeks of age.

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