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Rulers who are foreign to their domain ? or not the main major ethnicity from that country?

I know all the emperors of the Yuan and Qing dynasties in China were not Han Chinese. More specifically the Yuan were Mongolians and the Qing were Manchurian and other examples would and correct me if I am wrong here being taught: Saladin was a Kurd and the people he ruled over were Arabs, Hitler was Austrian and ruled over Germany. Napoleon Bonaparte, although being a french subject/citizen was more what some would call Italian than french by today's standards. Stalin was from a minority ethnic group in the former Russian empire since when he took power over the U.S.S.R. the majority of the population were Russians or at least were Slavic and used the Cyrillic alphabet . Also that Stalin was Georgian and his first language was Georgian and the alphabet he knew first was the Georgian one instead of the Cyrillic one used by most of the former population of the USSR. Although he spoke Russian as his language of his political life, his first language was Georgian yes? Again, feel free to correct any of the mistakes or inaccuracies I have made here in this question. I wouldn't count Hernan Cortes as one of the examples I could give here cause, although he ruled over what is now Mexico, he was not experienced at all with the people he conquered such as the Aztecs as he knew nothing really in the way of their ways of life and culture. So any one else know of rulers who were foreign to the place they ruled over ? and not counting conquerors from the 19th century and onwards.

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    The Mughal emperors of India were all Turkicized Mongols from Persia.

    The Dane Cnut was king of England 1016 to 1035

    King of Spain as Charles,the Spanish Charles was also Holy Roman Emperor (as Charles V) from 1519 to 1556.

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    Bahrain is majority Shia, but it's ruled by Sunni. Syria is majority Sunni, but the president in Damascus is a Shia, which I think is why it's currently in a civil war. Yemen is majority Sunni, but a group of Shia recently took control of it, which is why it's currently in a war. Iraq is majority Shia, but it used to be ruled by a Sunni (Saddam Hussein). America is majority white, but its current president (Obama) is half black.

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    William I of England (Norman). James I of England (Scottish). William III of England (what we'd now call Dutch). George I of the United Kingdom (Hanoverian).

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