Rough idle and hesitation, symptoms of a vacuum leak but seemingly normal fuel trims?

Update: My car has had a very annoying hesitation / performance issue with a rough idle. It feels like bursts of vibrations when stopped (not a motor mount), almost like a vacuum leak. However my fuel trims are around 5-15% total fuel trim.
Update 2: I have no check engine light.. I have also noticed sometimes when accelerating from a stop, the car has a very slightly delayed response and kind of jerks, and then accelerates.
Update 3: Today I have been smelling a slight gasoline smell outside of my car after I turn it on.. any ideas? I m pretty lost.. thanks!
Update 4: (Sorry, Y!A is screwed up and I have to post "Updates" with my info)...

One more thing, it's not a leaky injector (had them all checked and cleaned at a Honda dealer).
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