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Questions about Donald Trump for president 2016?

I'm a recent convert to Trump after following Rand Paul being a libertarian and my disgust with Hittlary and think Ted Cruz is too far to the right and John Kascic supported NAFTA and Bernie is a Communist so I'm a Trump guy questions are : will Trump accept the presidential salary or reject it? How will he make Mexico pay for the wall? Will he be a great president or wind up a failure if elected? I'm sick of politicians being puppets to corporations and banks, considering he's funding his own campaign and can't be bought off I find intriguing

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  • Pat
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    4 years ago
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    Donald Trump will not be elected. If he is nominated it will galvanize and energize the Democratic Party, plus a lot of Republicans don't like him. Bernie Sanders is nothing even close to a communist. Look into him more.

    Trump has neither the knowledge, the experience, nor the temperament to be a good president.

    - He gives few actual policies and his priorities are ridiculous.

    - He has NO experience.

    - His ignorance about government and foreign affairs shows often.

    - He has named as his foreign policy advisers: A Christian academic accused of inciting violence against Muslims. A former Pentagon official who blocked investigations into Bush administration bigwigs. And an assortment of self-professed experts probably few in established foreign policy circles have ever heard of.

    - He’s a high-speed flip-flopper. In 2004 he told Wolf Blitzer “I probably identify more as Democrat.” In 2008 he praised Hillary Clinton.

    - He’s overconfident and unrepentant when proven wrong.

    - According to PolitiFact, in all, 79% of Trump’s statements are either Mostly False, False, or Pants on Fire False. Pants on fire = 21%.

    - He claims to be self-funded but has taken in $7,497,984.50 in individual contributions and has two donate buttons on his website. (2/28/16)

    - He praises Putin, who is highly feared, having left a trail of dead journalists and invaded countries.

    - He thinks of America as a business, which it isn’t.

    - He amassed his wealth via bailouts, government protection, and inheritance. He has no more claim to fame than a Kardashian.

    - He is an open bigot, even though we haven’t seen our leaders criticize another race or religion since the Confederacy. He’s insulted an entire country, Mexico, and he’s anti-Muslim and said he’d set up a database for registering them which is dangerously fascist.

    - His treatment of women is deplorable.

    - He’s a draft dodger.

    - He’s failed at marriage and at business (four bankruptcies).

    - He outsources his clothing company to China.

    - His gaming license was revoked due to his incompetence.

    - He suggested we steal Iraq’s oil.

    - His tax plan benefits the rich by another 27%.

    - He doesn’t know how to talk to people.

    - The Fix published an analysis of polling data that highlighted the huge role voters without college degrees, or even high school diplomas play in supporting Trump. He’s the candidate of the uneducated.

    - He’s an embarrassment to Republicans, to Democrats, and to the country.

    - He’s not someone we can trust. He hired actors to cheer for him at his presidential campaign announcement. And Two Corinthians? Really.

    - He sets a poor example for children looking up to a president.

  • Steve
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    4 years ago

    Here's my recommendation. Since you clearly don't know much, I'd find respectable sources for information and READ. Watching Fox, or listening to Limbaugh, or Trump (the #1 liar among the candidates) silly.

    Bernie Sanders, for example is no communist. He isn't even a socialist. A true socialist advocates for all means of production owned and operated by government. That's not Bernie Sanders. What he proposes is nothing new or extreme. We're just some decades behind other advanced nations when it comes to healthcare and education.

    And anyone who thinks our middle-class happened out of a "free market" is insane. It was BUILT, by government. After conservatives trashed the place. Hm. Seeing a pattern here?

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  • 4 years ago

    This is neither an endorsement nor condemnation of Trump, but simply meant to to give an OPINION as an answer to your questions. I doubt that any candidate who becomes president will reject the salary outright. I believe that the Mexican president will firmly stick to the stated rejection that his country is not going to pay for the border wall, so the U.S. would have to put tremendous pressure in calling in national debt from Mexico, potentially making it a dubious economic victory for either country. Like countless candidates who became president before him, Trump would have to be receptive to the information and advice from the staff around him and not alienate government officials who have more experience in certain areas simply because they disagree. I do not have a strong guess as to whether he would be able or willing to accomplish that last part; it's more of a personal integrity call, and I don't have much confidence in that department when it comes to anybody I don't personally know.

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  • ICU2
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    4 years ago

    This entire election was rigged from the beginning...I dont trust any of them...we have no choice but to vote for one of the 5 candidates...on the democrats side you have hillary and sanders...both would lead this country straight to the depths of hell...the first thing they will do is nominate 2-3 (liberal) supreme court judges...this will enable them access to change the constitution or completely get rid of you know what that would do to this dont want to you got Trump Cruz And Kasich...Cruz and Kasich are insiders (bought and paid for) Trump is an outsider...cant be bought...BUT...there's no telling what a trump presidency would look like...he may be another JFK or he could be working with Hillary to destroy the republican party...I look at it this way...with Trump you have a 50/50 shot at something good happening...anyone else its 100% pick your poison...

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  • chorle
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    4 years ago

    Bernie is a Democratic Socialist like FDR not a totalitarian communist like Stalin. Bernie is the one least likely to be bought off by corporations.

    Trump loaned his campaign money which isn't quite the same as funding his own campaign.

    If John Oliver is right the wall is unlikely to be built

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 4 years ago

    Bernie is a democratic socialist, do your research. Trump is a piece of racist, sexist, homophobic pervert with no political experience and doesn't deserve to be in office.

    Source(s): Common sense. Compassion. Having a heart and a brain.
    • Nicholas4 years agoReport

      How is he racist??? Dont say because he hates Mexicans, because I have heard that one too many times and that is false... Mexican does not equal illegal immigrant. Being honest here, if people think he is racist over that, then they are saying illegals are Mexican which is racist for saying that.

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  • Scott
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    4 years ago

    Dunald trump supporters remind me of George W bush supporters.How did that work out when Bush was elected?The country went down the tubes

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    He may need his salary because presidents aren't supposed to touch their investments while in office. It gets turned over to a financial manager.

    We give Mexico billions...He'll just take it from that if they don't agree to pay.

    He won't be a failure. He may save us from the progressive agenda.

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  • 4 years ago

    trump is best thing than can happen to our beloved country

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