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Drug closest to MDMA feeling ?

What drug would have almost the same effects as MDMA ? I ve been hearing Adderall but not quite sure, thanks.

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    Adderall? Granted MDMA has stimulant like qualities but it is not classified as an amphetamine. I know some will argue that MDMA must be an amphetamine because it has the word in the name: MDMA stands for methylenedioxy-methamphetamine

    It also has the word meth in it but MDMA is not meth either. MDMA is a considered by the FDA to be an hallucinogen.

    MDMA will first cause your palms to sweat; then you will start to get that warm feeling (in about 45-50 minutes). It comes in waves; The waves get stronger and faster as the drug begins to take effect. Eyes begin to dilate (allowing you to catch trails) and you begin to get a strong empathy feeling as the drug takes hold. MDMA causes one to sweat a bit and some will become talkative and express their feelings more than when sober. Touch can be pleasant and sounds become distorted (music, especially a lot of bass will vibrate through you).

    So there really is not much out there that will mimic the effects of MDMA.

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  • Lava
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    MDA and MDE, both of which are less common than MDMA. MDA is a more visual effect than MDMA, while MDE is similar but with milder effects than MDMA.

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