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how do chefs make a fire in the pan/wok while cooking?

i was in china last year. we went to a restaurant for dinner, and ordered 土豆丝 basically stir fried shredded potatoes . i watched the chef cook it, and he often added something in the wok to create a fire. the dish was incredibly delicious, and had a hint of burnt taste to it, which complimented the dish even more. how do they do that?


would it be safe to try that at home?

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    While you cook especially on a gas flame, you produce a fine vapour of fats, as you shake or toss the food and pan, it can flare up, no alcohol and it is not really a fire in general terms, the burnt taste when working with a high heat wok is due to the higher flame and intensity of the stove unit, flambeed items are set a light with a means of alcohol and it burns until the base alcohol has been burned off or evaporates, it is best at home not to heat the pans and food to produce flames, it can be dangerous, I was a chef for over 20+ yrs, I worked in Asia, Canada and Caribbean, even worked with live/open fired grills using charcoal and wood indoors.

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    the chef will usually tip the wok over a little so the liquid within (oil such as sesame or peanut) is almost spilling and catches fire from the flame beneath. depending on the dish it might also be a luxury food or recipe that allows for rice wine or whisky addition.

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    Probably no more than a spot or two of water, which when added to hot fat makes it spit and flame. But it isn't a safe practice in an average household kitchen, so unless you want a visit from the local fire brigade, I'd stick to letting professional chefs do it in restaurant kitchens.

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    They often do this by using a small amount of alcohol. When the alcohol is fully consumed by the fire, the flames go out.

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    alcohol. Its the same stuff used to make bananas foster and other flambe dishes.

    Asian places often use sake, some recipes call for brandy.

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    Talking about a flambé?

    It's possible to do it at home... whether it's safe or not depends on your set-up and any safety precautions you take. :P

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