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Internet LAN help PLEASE!?

So I don't have many details but I'm a very knowledgeable guy about computers. Built the computer I'm currently typing on. My problem is that I am running on Wi-Fi and trying to game, and from what I've experienced and hear, wired speeds **** on wifi speeds. My internet has seem to have slowed down these past few days and I'm talking download speeds of 5 kb/s. I used to top out at 700 kb/s. I don't know whats going on so I'm asking anyone who knows to help me out. My wifi card is an ASUS PCE-N15 11N and I'm running windows 10. So fixing my wireless connection is one problem but here's the other. I'm sitting a foot away from the LAN? that runs out my wall. The router is plugged into a different LAN? 2 rooms over. The one I'm right next to doesn't seem to work when plugged into my computer. I don't no where the other end of this wall cable runs to because it runs into a hole in my wall and I don't have x-ray vision. Please help and don't be afraid to ask for any more details, solving the problem of my internet would be a tremendous help. Thank you!


EDIT: I'm putting LAN? b/c I'm not sure what's the name for it. It's clear and has a plastic clip. Identical to the one that feeds into my router.

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    What you call 'LAN' is Ethernet.

    When Ethernet cables are pre-installed in a building, they normally all run to a central point where there should be a patch panel with sockets each connecting to the one socket in the other rooms. You cannot have Ethernet connected between (let's say) three rooms with just one socket in each room. Each hidden cable can connect only between two sockets - one at each end of the cable.

    If you have the patch panel, then that is normally where the router will be located. It is then the case of connecting individual sockets on the router to with short Ethernet cables to the appropriate sockets on the patch panel to feed the Ethernet to the correct room as required. If you cannot find a patch panel (or multiple sockets in one room) then it has either been wired wrongly, or the patch panel is elsewhere.

    If you do have a patch panel and the router is elsewhere, then, as a test, you can try patching different pairs of sockets together to connect the router to your computer. It can take some time to do this, however. For example, if a patch panel has eight sockets you can try linking socket 1 to socket 2 with a short Ethernet cable. Then socket 1 to 3, then 1 to 4, etc. If that does not work, try 2 to 3, then 2 to 4 ...., then 3 to 4 and so on. In this example there are 28 different ways two of the eight sockets can be connected using a single short Ethernet cable.

    Ethernet almost invariably wins over WiFi for speed and consistency, and I always recommend using Ethernet for gaming.

    Good luck.

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    so... you are asking why your ethernet lan connection isnt working but you dont know if the cable is even plugged in? yeah, theres no possible help someone can offer you over the internet with variables like that lol

    theres a very good chance that is your problem.

    If its not, then the problem may be driver related (tho win10 should auto get drivers for the lan. and the drivers it gets are fine for things other than nvidia/amd graphics).

    or the lan is disabled in networks. (windows key+X and then choose network connections), and make sure ethernet is not disabled. if it is, right click enable.

    or it can be one of a million different problems in networking. which more info would have to be given (such as ipconfig data).

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    Yes, wired is much better, more consistent and reliable, and faster than wifi.


    Wifi or wired between your pc and the router connected to the internet... EITHER will be about 100 times faster than the broadband connection.

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