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What are the best Graphic Novels you have read?

Only DC Comics and Marvel comics please. And they should have beautiful modern art.



@Elaine M: Chill out bro. I love DC comics and Marvel. There characters are awesome and I never had the time to get into the new stuff. I've read the old books, that's why I stated it be modern art. But Thankyou for the response

@B.B. Gun: I didn't mean the modern thing like that. Everything old has been read, now I want some beautiful art in my collection too :P and I've read every book you listed except kingdom come and pride of Baghdad. By the way you described KC, I have to say I'm excited

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    Literally anything by Alex Ross if you really want beautiful art with a good story. If you haven't read Kingdom Come then stop reading this and go buy the goddamn thing. Seriously, Kingdom Come might rate as one of the best graphic novels of all times, and is certainly one of the most gorgeous.

    Demanding it be modern and beautiful discounts a LOT of good stuff. I mean no one's reading The Dark Knight Returns because it's pretty, and if you told a fellow comic book fan that you ignored Watchmen because it looked old then they should by all right punch you in the nuts. I'm not big into Marvel, so here's a few DC novels I'd seriously consider reading:

    -Kingdom Come


    -Dark Knight Returns

    -Y: The Last Man (Vertigo is owned by DC so it counts)

    -Batman: Year One

    -Superman: Red Son

    -All Star Superman

    -V is for Vendetta

    -Batman: The Killing Joke

    -The Joker

    -Pride of Baghdad

    -JLA: Tower of Babel

    -JLA: The Nail

    edit: For god's sake then, read Kingdom Come!!! But don't read it's follow up, The Kingdom. In fact let's pretend that I didn't even mention that it has a follow up because honestly screw it. Pride of Baghdad, I should note, is not a super hero book. It's basically a story from the point of view of some lions who escaped from one of Sadam's private zoos during the Persian Golf. Good read.

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  • 4 years ago

    Batman: Year One

    Superman: Birthright

    Blackest Night

    Wrath of the First Lantern

    Batman: RIP

    I really need to get into the older stuff though.

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    why only marvel and DC? if you want good graphic novels with good beautiful modern art you are barking up the wrong publishing houses.

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  • 4 years ago

    So, you prefer not to consider other great stuff out there and limit yourself only to a slice of superhero stuff? Um.

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