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Cigarettes are effecting my health but I can t quit for anything no matter how hard I try?

I ve been smoking for only about 10 years but I m having adverse effects and heart problems. I fear I will have a heart attack or something. I ve stopped and quit so many times I lost count a long time ago and this stuff is like heroin mixed with crack. If I have no money I bum them and that s not something I ever thought I would do and I feel nothing but shame for doing it. The worst of the withdrawal lasts for a couple of months and my whole body hurts and I get really agressive and jittery. I ve just about given up hope.

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    Try using a vapor or e cigarettes . They are way more healthy.

    I quit that way. I smoked my longer than you and was caught in that quitting routine but never quitting.

    I found the right e cigarette for myself . My health improved quickly from no move cough to a lower blood pressure . Now I do not even use them any longer.

  • 5 years ago

    You just have to keep trying. I don't know of anyone who ever quit the first time out. Or the second, third, fourth, etc. Took me about 50 tries. Been about 6 years now since I quit and I'm glad I never gave up.

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    E-cigs? I've heard they're very heavily promoted to help with quitting

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