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Why do Sanders' supporters call themselves the so called "informed voters" in the race?

It seems like the complete opposite to me. They seem particularly uninformed on basic economics if the support Bernie's minimum wage increase, corporate tax increases, and added free entitlements. How can they claim to be "informed" when they just listen to what Bernie says and assume it'll work out? Does being informed mean you just listen to your candidate's message? In that case Trump supporters are the most "informed" voters in the country!

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    Because they have deluded themselves into thinking that they (and that no-foreign-policy-experience Bernie) are "informed" when the opposite is true.

    The United States is now and has always been a yin-yang BALANCE between capitalism (privately-owned for-profit) and socialism (taxpayer-funded, taxpayer owned), and we function best as a nation when this crucial balance is both protected and preserved. OVERSIGHT is the socialist component for our capitalist side, and when the GOP snakes its corporate-colluding way into power by hook or more often crook, it is this consumer-protecting OVERSIGHT for our banks, housing and credit markets, oil industry, pharmaceuticals, Wall Street, and other lobbyist-driven special interests that becomes UNDER ATTACK (disguised as "less government" by the GOP spin doctors so that the public does not even realize the GOP is sticking it to them and setting us up for the collapse of out-of-control (not overseen) housing and credit markets, or the nearly fatal MELTDOWN of the entire financial system.

    Bernie Sanders, an Independent Socialist from a mostly-white small state of Vermont, is not a Democrat and never has been, but he is also not an "outsider," since he has been in Congress for 35 years (25 in the House, 10 in the Senate). Bernie has lived in his own bubble, talking the same free college for everybody, free health care for everybody without once ever getting this bad idea through---not even when the Democrats controlled Congress! The "free" part of Bernie's bad plan is NOT free after all---it would require all incomes to be taxes heavily and there would no longer be any way to set up PRICE CONTROLS from inside the socialized freebies to everyone system, which is what Hillary (very experienced with budgetary matters and married to the one President who BALANCED OUR BUDGET, creating a huge SURPLUS, during his eight years in office) has tried to explain.

    Where is Bernie's foreign policy experience? He has none. Where is Bernie's ability to balance a national budget in a global economy when China is constantly attempting to set up varying degrees of a hostile takeover? He has none. Where is Bernie's proven ability to govern. It is nonexistent. Same is true for every single GOP candidate with the possible exception of Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-OH).

    Hillary Rodham Clinton remains the absolute MOST INFORMED, and MOST EXPERIENCED, and BEST QUALFIIED candidate to be the next President, Leader of the Free World, and Commander-in-Chief of all our Armed Forces! And we get the added benefit of having our beloved "Bubba" Bill Clinton back, too!

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    Except that what he is proposing is working well in countries all over the world that are more prosperous and happier than we are.

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