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If Rubio doesn't want to destroy his political career, why doesn't he drop out now and endorse Kasich?

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    He will not be dropping out anytime soon because he doesn't want the GOP to be taken over by Trump who does not have the ideal republican values. I agree with Rubio and I certainly support him. He's being positive on his behalf and I know he will help Reagan's party unlike Trump, who will cause more corruption and drama. Plus Rubio is doing better than Kasich, I have a strong feeling that the next GOP candidate to drop out is Kasich.

    Source(s): Rubio's squad emailed me and said he would never drop out and if he does I just wasted $2 on donations.
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  • Bob
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    4 years ago

    He's a puppy just following along. He'll most likely go bankrupt right after he drops out.

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