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Depression and boyfriend making it worse. Help please?

Ive always delt with depression. But this time its getting bad. I dont want it to win so i bought myself a few chicks and have been rasing them. Its helping alot. Anyways its time to make a coop i asked my boyfriend if he can take me to go get the lumber and he said he was too tired. Which he proberly is but now that im here crying for no reason. He says he will be going to his moms to help her do something. It makes me really sad cause i really wanted to make a chicken coop for them. Am i being selfish? Is he? And its an everyday thing that he is too tired to help me do anything. Its making me go crazy. Like i feel worthless that he cant help me. Im at a lost state right now.

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  • cody
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    5 years ago
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    I think ur depresion is making u upset. It likes to make ppl overreact without u realising it. Dont get me wrong ur not wrong for thinking this but this disease is a nasty decieving one. As well as painful. If u want il be ur friend? C: alsogod cares. God does this to care about everyone purley whe its hard. Love god and love good people,i cares

  • J M
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    5 years ago

    Grow up and start to rely on yourself. Don't blame your depression on your boyfriend just because he isn't doing what you want.

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    I'm sure he will be willing to help you some other time :) I would totally help you... I love baby chicks!! Hang in there sweetie :)

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