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Confederate flag?

So my dad asked my neighbor for some suggestions to cut his trees. She suggested some new neighbors from down the street who are lumberjacks. My dad declined them and told me because they flew a confederate flag at their house. I mean he's in 50s so he's kinda old school, but idk.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    I have no problem with your dad declining bigoted nazi scum. Stop being ageist about your dad's old age. His age doesn't make him ignorant. Please listen to your dad and stop shrugging him off as a clueless bonehead. My dad is in his 60's and he's a huge bigot. That confederate flag is b.s. It doesn't represent the Southern States. It's a made up fantasy flag. It's nothing more than an excuse for faux survivalists to whine about a war they never fought and to be a bigoted moron towards everyone and anything. "Boohoo!" "We lost!" All those dumb people that support the flag don't know squat about history. They're so incomplete that they try to make up history for their lacking. They're weak and fake survivalists. Micropenis complexes buying dumb stuff they don't need. In Western Europe, neo nazis fly that flag because it's illegal to sport the swastika. It's nothing more than a Dukes of Hazzard flag.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Your father seems like a honorable man just from what you told me.

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