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Girlfriend being abused.?

Me and my girlfriend have a long distance relationship as of now (we live a state away). We have been talking for 6 months now and I've heard her parents abuse her over the phone (hitting with fists, pulling by her hair, throwing her around her room) of course this pisses me off because I care about her, and i know as of now I can't do a thing about it. I've asked her to let me record it but she's says no when I ask because she fears I will show it to an adult and it will result in her being put in foster care. Here is a link to a question she asked (I posted it for her) I've told my mom to listen when it was happening before but she couldn't hear anything until they began apologizing for it. She doesn't want me to tell anyone because she's scared her parents will be put in jail and her siblings will be put in a bad foster home. I'm not sure what I should do. She is begging me not to tell an adult?

Update 2:

No. This is something that is really happening. It's not an act and it is a very serious question.

Update 3:

We are both 15 and she lives in Texas

Update 4:

Cps was called about 2-3 weeks ago with things getting worse; not better. They visited her school and talked to her, her siblings, and her mom. After they talked to her mom they left and closed the case. I guess she will have to wait until she can move out for things to look up for her.

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    What are your ages. If you begin there, perhaps one can give real advice. Also, you should be able to reveal her State without repercussions on Answers. Doing so allows some checking into laws of that State. If the girl is being beaten, ask her if she can produce a photo of her injuries, for you.

    edit: I have a cousin who is a Harris County Deputy Sheriff in Houston. He's 25, and said you would likely get a different perspective if you ever investigated a girl, 15, who suffered bruises and welts over 70% of her body, and developed a blood clot in her abdomen from being kicked by a stepdad, and drunk mother. He asked me to tell you to go to your County Attorney, aka District Attorney, talk to an Agent, and explain the girl's concern about the adults getting in trouble, to be able to get herself help. He said that is better than contacting a Police Agency, 'cause the Prosecutor has a lot more options to render assistance and intervention.Primary message, go now.

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    I would contact the authorities about it. However, there is a real possibility that they are acting these scenes out in order to scam you out of your money. I had an online friend who said she was constantly being abused by her boyfriend and saying she needed money to get away from him, but she had none. That was supposed to be my cue to offer money to help her, but I refused to take the bait.

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