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who are the top ten basket ball players rn?

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    Taking into account scoring, defense, team facilitating (both on and off the court), and intangibles, these are the ten guys I'd say are playing the best right now (Not necessarily in order):

    Steph Curry

    Kawhi Leonard

    Russell Westbrook

    Kevin Durant

    Lebron James

    Draymond Green

    Anthony Davis

    Kyle Lowry

    Chris Paul

    Paul George

    Honorable Mention: Jimmy Butler

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    Curry, Cousins, James, KD, Westbrook, Leonard, Paul, Davis, Harden, Wall

    • Jacob Prime
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      I still think you're crazy for rating Cousins so highly, and any list that includes Harden and Wall but not Kyle Lowry is not a list I want to be on, but whatever

  • Anonymous
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