Is being rich or having lots of money the only way to have a truly happy life?

The world is so cruel these days. Racism, phobias, war, inflation worse than ever, I'm not sure...

I'm an artist and a writer and love making stories I hope to write novels and make comic books one day. I'm 23, my sister who is in med school told me I should have done something different with my life cause as of now I'm in retail, finishing college, and never going to make enough money to even live on my own.

I'm willing to work another job if my dream never makes me enough money, and yeah, being rich from it would be cool. But if I could afford to eat and have healthcare and not be homeless even if it a tiny apartment I'm cool with that. I have small needs now I just write and draw BUT I also don't want to die cause the world is cruel these days and expensive.

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  • cody
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    4 years ago
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    aww . i care .idk if ul listen or not but god is testing us to see if we can care aobut eeryone purely, love god and love good people who care when its hard. if u want a friend email but please be careful online. rich ppl arent ny happier tho.

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