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Michael Jackson wasn't a pedophile. Why do you think he was? because of the tabloids? or cuz the people that didn't know him said he was?

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    5 years ago
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    Never answer to haters. Michael wasn't a pedophile. If he was then he would have been guilty. You cannot hide molestation. If he did the slightest thing to a child, it would have been found. All the crap you hear about "evidence" and him paying the families off and blah blah. There are stories behind all that. For example the families he paid off, wasn't a pay off because he's guilty. It was a pay off because his lawyer told him to because MJ was on tour and couldn't go through with the trials. The families kept bitching so his lawyer said to just pay them. But MJ got another chance to PROVE HIS INNOCENCE.

    All the bullcrap of him being guilty was created by Tom Sneddon, Martin Bashir, and Diane Diamond.

    Ignore haters because MJ is always the best and forever has the biggest fanbase in the world.

    No one understands that molestation is a serious thing and is something no one can hide, even the richest person.

    Michael went through A TON of investigations. No way he's guilty.

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    He just liked kids a bit more than normal people i guess :D

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    5 years ago

    Because he liked to have sex with young boys.

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