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Is it true that most women will not vote for Donald Trump as president of the USA because he called a woman a bimbo?

Why do so many people want to elect Donald Trump as the president of the USA when he's obviously not going to be very diplomatic as a president because he clearly lacks respect for other cultures and religions and when he calls women bimbo's? Do you agree with me that most women will ot vote for him because he once called a woman a bimbo?


Do you agree with me that most women will not vote for him because he once called a woman a bimbo?

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    It wasn't just 'bimbo'. He's been rough on any woman who's criticized him or asked him a challenging question. Remember when he said Megan Kelly had 'blood coming out of her whatever'? Then he excused himself from a debate because she'd be asking questions?

    Half of Republican leaders see that for the party to win they need to peel off at least a few votes from women, minorities, young people, independents, etc. Trump belongs to the other half. Disrespecting women (and minorities, and so forth) only strengthens his lead with the Republican insurgency. That strategy will is getting him more votes than any of the other Republican candidates, but not enough to win.

    But he knows, as most people do, that most women weren't going to vote Republican anyway!

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      Yes, they'll vote instead for Hillary Clinton, who called women who claimed to be raped by her husband liars (I'm SURE they'd do that if the Clintons weren't posturing as feminists).

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  • Beer
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    4 years ago

    Most women? I don't know.

    Taking into account rampant narcissism that plagues far too many American women, I'm sure far too many of them will not vote for Trump "because he called a woman a bimbo".

    The guy has said he'd commit a war crime ("we have to go after their families" - when talking about how to stop ISIS members) and order savage torture ("I'll bring back much worse than waterboarding"), but yes, I'm sure far too many women will not vote for Trump not because of the aforementioned grave claims but because of a comparatively trivial issue such as calling a woman a bimbo, unambiguously proving themselves as being sociopathically narcissistic.

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  • 4 years ago

    He's an αssclown who talks like he's going to be Supreme Ruler of an empire instead of a limited-power President of a Democratic Republic. Whatever he has said about a woman or various women is rather low on the list of reasons he should not be President.

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  • ?
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    I really hope that most thinking people will not vote for him. It's voting for the promotion of bigotry, sexism and racism. This is the 21st century and you would think the people of the United States would not vote for such horrible prejudice but clearly the United States of American has more bottom feeders than we ever expected. He already has made the United States look bad even considering him.

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      Yeah, tell me about it.

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  • Bimbo! LOL! Yeah, when you've got someone whom you expect to stand up to genocidal maniacs, you want to pick someone who is afraid to use the word 'bimbo'. That's how you should choose your presidents.

    I think there are liberal (well, progressive anyway) women and then there are women who are NOT useless hypocritical sacks of Sh'.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I dont care. Politics is a waste of my time. Losers

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  • 4 years ago

    maybe he reminds them of their bad boss. i can't blame them.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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